CAER serves all persons regardless of age, creed, national origin, religious affiliation, gender, sexual preference, marital status or disability.  CAER offers the following programs and works with other area nonprofits and agencies to screen and refer families or individuals to other services that might be helpful.


FOODSHELF:  Families and individuals shop in a grocery store atmosphere, making their own food selections. During the COVID-19 prevention period, pre-packed boxes of food are distributed through drive up service in the front of the building 10 a.m. to noon M/W/F as well as 5:30-7 p.m. Thursday. No appointment necessary. 

Eligibility:  All food programs are available to any resident in need living in    Elk River, Otsego, or Zimmerman. Please see additional details below. 























Emergency financial assistance is limited, available only once every 18 months and can only be used for shelter or utilities.  These programs are discretionary and based on need. 


You must first apply for emergency financial assistance in the county in which you live.  Funding is limited and past due balances up to the amount  requested must be paid to qualify for assistance. 


Eligibility:  You must have a disconnect notice if you are applying for utility assistance.  If you are seeking assistance with rent, you need a current lease, a legitimate landlord and an eviction notice.  Landlords must fill out a payment request form. 


Appointments for financial assistance are requested and applications are required. 


Kidz Kitz:  This is a weekly supplemental food package made available to families with school age children for 12 weeks in the summer. 
Kidz Kitz are distributed at CAER during regular hours of operation. Kidz Kitz are also available during 'remote learning' due to the COVID-19 crisis. 

Senior Delivery:  CAER delivers food monthly to low income seniors living in Zimmerman and Elk River.  

Young Adult:  This program reaches at-risk teens and young adults by having a food shelf on-site at Open Doors for Youth in Elk River. 

CAR CAER:  Car CAER provides assistance with minor car repairs and tires.  It may be used only once every 18 months.  Repairs will be made at the discretion of the volunteer mechanics who staff the program. 


Eligibility:  To be considered for Car CAER you must provide proof of a valid driver's license, proof of current, valid car insurance and the vehicle must have current tabs.  You can complete an application at CAER.